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MPT™ Engine Treatment
MPT™ Fuel System Cleanse

MPT® Fuel System Cleanse
Safe for Catalytic Converters & Emission Systems

  • Maintains Peak Efficiency
  • Increases Fuel Mileage
  • Engine Will Run Smoother & Produce More Power

MPT Fuel System Cleanse's powerful polyether amine chemistry removes contaminants from gasoline fuel injectors, intake valves, pollution control valves, combustion chambers, and carburetors without the use of harmful solvents such as alcohol, toluene, and acetone that can damage the fuel system. The major brands of gasoline do not contain detergents that will remove fuel system deposits. These deposits steal power and decrease fuel mileage. MPT Fuel System Cleanse cleans and lubricates upper cylinders and pollution control valves. For peak efficiency and best performance, use MPT Fuel System Cleanse regularly. One 12 ounce bottle will quickly clean an entire fuel system. It can be added to 12-24 gallons of gasoline. For best results, add one bottle every 3,000 miles. MPT Fuel System Cleanse can also be added in small amounts at each fill up – add approximately 1 ounce per 6-7 gallons of fuel.

MPT-30 - MPT Fuel System Cleanse - 12-ounce - $9.95 each
MPT-30D - "Three Pack" MPT Fuel System Cleanse - 12-ounce - $26.87 for three

MPT™ Engine Treatment
MPT™ Fuel System Cleanse

MPT® Diesel Fuel Conditioner
Safe for the entire fuel system

  • Removes deposits and cleans injectors
  • Lubricates the entire fuel system including injectors and pumps
  • Stabilizes fuel, prevents rust and corrosion
  • Provides easier starting
  • Provides more power and better fuel economy

MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner is designed for use in all diesel engines. It contains cetane improvers that will boost diesel fuel cetane numbers substantially. The fuel stabilizers, rust inhibitors and lubricants contained in MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner will reduce friction and wear in low sulfur fuels by up to 70-80%. The combined effect of improved cetane and reduction in friction will improve starting, reduce fuel system wear, and provide more power and better fuel economy. Add 1 ounce per 8-12 gallons for routine maintenance.

MPT-31 - MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner - 12-ounce - $8.95 each
MPT-31D - "Three Pack" MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner - 12-ounce - $24.17 for three
MPT-119 - MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner - quart - $22.95 each
MPT-32 - MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner - gallon - $89.95 each

Click here for the MPT® Fuel System Cleanse Data Sheet
Click here for MPT® Fuel System Cleanse MSDS information
Click here for MPT® Diesel Fuel Conditioner MSDS

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